Key to integration

In August 2021, for the first time, more than 500,000 people with refugee backgrounds in Germany were employed: 436,000 were subject to social security contributions, and about 73,000 were part-time employees. These figures were announced by “Mediendienst Integration”. The integration of refugees into the labor market has, therefore, been faster compared to the previous years, as demonstrated by comparative figures from the Institute for Employment Research (IAB). Jobs, education and German language skills are considered the most important “keys to integration” in Germany.

The high number of employees is all the more remarkable because many refugees lost their jobs, especially during the “first wave” of the Corona pandemic. They were hit particularly hard by job losses and shortened working hours, for example, because they worked more commonly in the food service industry.

On the other hand, around 412,000 refugees were registered as jobseekers with the Federal Employment Agency or a job center. In addition, 215,000 refugees are registered as unemployed.


Die Agentur für Arbeit in Tübingen. Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL / Mostafa Elyasian.

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