Final exams at schools: more time and additional tasks

The final exams at schools are running a little differently this year, too. The reason is the Corona pandemic. The total time for completing the tasks will be extended. In addition, graduates can choose among additional exam tasks. The Ministry of Education assures students “fair conditions this year as well,” said Minister Theresa Schopper in a Ministry press release.
In concrete terms, this means that for exams with a total working time of 180 minutes or more, there will be an additional 30 minutes. If the total working time is shorter, 15 minutes extra are added. However, this does not apply to vocational schools. In addition, teachers (except at vocational schools) are allowed to choose from additional tasks for the written exams – for example, tasks whose subject areas they have worked on more intensively in class. The special situation due to the pandemic is also to be “appropriately taken into account pedagogically” in the corrections, the release says.
The main dates for the Abitur in Baden-Württemberg are between April 25 and May 10. The oral Abitur exams will be taken between June 27 and July 8. The main dates for final exams at Realschulen and Werkrealschulen are between May 17 and 31. The oral exams there follow from July 4 to 12. The main dates for final exams at Hauptschulen are May 17-24. Oral exams will be given July 4-12.

Detailed information about the exams and the individual school types is available at.,Lde/startseite/service/2022-02-09-anpassungen-bei-den-abschlusspruefungen


Carlo-Schmid-Gymnasium in Derendingen. Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL / Mostafa Elyasian.

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