Faster visa appointments for Syrians from earthquake regions

The visa process for Syrians affected by the earthquake in Turkey and Syria has been eased. Above all, this means faster appointments for the application. People from Syria can apply for visas at German missions in the region—such as Istanbul, Beirut, Amman and Erbil. This was the response of a press spokeswoman of the German Foreign Office (AA) to an inquiry from tünews INTERNATIONAL.
There will be more appointments at the visa offices in Beirut and Istanbul for family reunification with Syrian nationals in Germany who are eligible for subsidiary protection, according to the AA website. There will also be more appointments for spousal reunification, child reunification and parental reunification with a minor child. Applicants from regions affected by the earthquakes are to be given preference in the allocation of these dates.
In the case of spousal reunification, Syrian applicants affected by the earthquake will no longer have to present proof of simple knowledge of the German language, which was previously required by law, “if the presentation is impossible or unreasonable in the individual case”, according to the AA. “Our visa offices will proceed pragmatically here and take special account of the current circumstances.” However, it is still the case that the evidence required for the respective visa must be provided, the AA spokeswoman said. “The background to this is that we as the Federal Foreign Office can only create the facilitations that the right of residence offers.” See:
There, using Turkey as an example, it also says which documents must be presented for the visa.
Families who want to take in earthquake victims from Syria must submit a declaration of commitment. Among other things, they must provide for their livelihood. In addition to, for example, food, housing and clothing, this also includes care in case of illness and need for care. See:
The AA spokeswoman points out that Germany has already been “the second largest donor of humanitarian aid” in connection with the crisis in Syria. In order to directly help those affected by the earthquakes on the ground, Germany has “once again increased” its humanitarian aid.
There are no simplified procedures for Afghans who want to join family members in Germany from Turkey. “For people with other nationalities who have stayed in the earthquake region, the regular visa procedures continue to apply,” the AA spokeswoman responded to a query from tünews INTERNATIONAL.


Flughafen Stuttgart. Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL / Mostafa Elyasian.


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