New residence opportunities for asylum seekers in employment or with training

Asylum seekers whose asylum application has not yet been decided on are to be given a “change of track” to facilitate their integration in Germany by means of a right of residence. This is provided for in the revised Skilled Workers Immigration Act, which was passed in the Bundestag and Bundesrat in July.
Anyone who is working or has a job offer as a skilled worker and has a recognised vocational qualification can withdraw their asylum application and receive a residence permit. However, this so-called change of track only applies to people who have applied for asylum by 29 March 2023. Experts estimate that up to 50,000 people will make use of this regulation.
For those people whose asylum application has already been rejected, there is another option, the right of opportunity to stay, which has already been in force since 2022. They can receive a right of residence if they can secure their livelihood through gainful employment and fulfil other integration requirements. tünews INTERNATIONAL has already reported on this:
New law may allow residence for tolerated persons | TÜNEWS (
Further information on the Skilled Workers Immigration Act:
The Skilled Workers Immigration Act (


Das Ausländeramt in Tübingen. Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL / Ute Kaiser.


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