Possibilities of applying for asylum after the Taliban’s seizure of power

The change in the political situation and the human rights situation following the seizure of power by the Taliban in Afghanistan also has a decisive impact on Afghan refugees in Germany whose applications for asylum have been rejected with legal effect. This is because the BAMF can no longer refer to allegedly safe cities and regions in Afghanistan in its decisions. This is what the Tübingen initiatives “move on” and “Plan B” write in an advisory leaflet for Afghan refugees.

In this respect, refugees who are currently only tolerated (Geduldet) have a good chance of success with a follow-up asylum application. If the BAMF declares an application admissible, the applicant receives a “residence permit” again, as in the asylum procedure, and is no longer obliged to leave the country. Training and employment tolerations do not expire as a result of such an application. However, since the BAMF currently is not making any more decisions on applications, the procedure can take a long time.

It is important that the asylum application is well prepared by a counseling center or legal counsel. It is not the best solution in all cases, however. In addition, the application must be submitted in person to a branch office of the BAMF and the applicant may already be questioned about the personal reasons.

The advice sheet in German is also translated into Dari:

2021-11-01_info_afghanistan_folgeantrag_mitwirkung_de-far.pdf (planb.social)


Die Ausländerbehörde im Tübinger Landratsamt. Foto: tünews INTERNATIONAL / Martin Klaus.

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